What People Have To Say

Here Are Testimonials From Our Past Clients

I Had Trouble Selling My House Because My Son's Name Was On Title.

Jorge Montelongo Helped Me With That,
And I'm Very Thankful For It.


Bakersfield Home Owner

I've Called Miguel At Odessa Property Inc.
And He's Actually Sold My Properties And Had Offers To Me Within 24 Hours.

If You Want To Sell Your Property Call Odessa Properties Inc,
I'm Sure You'll Be Quite Pleased.


Bakersfield Home Owner

"The way Odessa Properties has treated me,
they’ve been straightforward and very hopeful with
all the things that have come up with it.”

They closed escrow in a timely manner and they’ve been professional the whole time and i’m very
happy with their treatment of me through this whole transaction.”

Ronald Starkey

Bakersfield Home Owner

I found Jorge and Daniel Through an ad while inquiring online about selling my home.

I filled out the information because I was just curious to see what kind of offer I would get in trying to sell my home quickly.

I wasn’t in danger of missing any mortgage payments but had been making plans to move across country and was wondering if it might be the right time to take advantage of the equity I had in my home and whether I could get a fair price selling quickly.

When Jorge and Daniel came to my home I was firm about the minimum price I would accept. We negotiated a little and we settled on a figure that was acceptable.

The best part about it was that they agreed to pay all closing costs and buy my house as is so that saved a huge amount of time and money with not having to do repairs or hire a real estate broker and in my estimation, I profited the same amount of money I would have if I had gone through the potentially long drawn out process of making repairs and going through a real estate broker.

Both Jorge and Daniel were very responsive to any questions and concerns I had throughout this process and were extremely professional and friendly. They made this process very easy for me, a first time home seller and I’m very satisfied to have sold my home this way. I had many concerns along the way and everything they told me was up front and honest. They are a very ethical company and I would definitely recommend doing business with them.

I have since moved to North Carolina and am looking forward to buying a new home where I live and all of this happened fast which is to my satisfaction.
Thank you

Jerry Dodson

Bakersfield Home Owner

I Wanted To Sell My Home Quickly.

It was sitting empty and I was having to keep up payments
plus association fees and utilities.

I did not go through a broker because I needed that
personal touch that Daniel gave, he listened to me.
He did not take advantage of the situation.

From the first day I spoke with Daniel
I felt like going with him was the right decision.
I feel I have made a friend for life.

I was feeling quite overwhelmed about selling my condo.
I had just lost my oldest son.
When you are at a broken point in your life,
it feels good to come a truly caring person.

Daniel Lopez did that for me.
I could tell he truly cared and wanted to help.
He gave me my options.
He stayed in touch with me and every step went smoothly.

I was emotional I was not just selling my home,
I was losing my independence…

The day the house sold,
I felt a huge burden was lifted from my shoulders

I’m moving in with my younger son and my grandchildren.
That has been a wonderful decision.
On several occasions Daniel prayed for me.

I praise God for Daniel Lopez coming into my life.

Brenda Albitre

Bakersfield Home Owner